Thursday, September 20, 2012

ATEC Programming is out but how do we get more preceptors to attend?


The housing, programming and registration is out for the 2013 Athletic Training Educators Conference. The theme is Model Practice and Future Directions. Full disclosure I am chair of the conference. The theme is a result of a few things. First there really isn’t one huge pressing issue in AT Education. Second, the last few conferences have had themes (2009 - Millennial Learner, 2011 - Evidence-Based Practice) and from feedback the themes are nice but can be overkill. So we put a call out for anything. 

What I really wonder about is how to encourage more preceptors/clinician educators to attend the AT Educators Conference?

We really would like to see more preceptors (formerly referred to as Clinical Instructors and/or Approved Clinical Instructors) to attend/present at the conference. Preceptor refers to a teacher/instructor, or an expert or specialist, such as a physician, who gives practical experience and training to a student, especially of medicine or nursing. I am not sure how many true clinician educators (preceptors) attend. I know there are some who are faculty (have a PhD or terminal degree) and also practice athletic training who attend but I am referring to pure clinician educators. They may teach a class here and there but their primary role is to provide patient care. Research has shown the preceptor is a vital part of the students’ education. I would love to hear their input. I know we have one individual speaking this year who is a clinician educator (Brian Vesci) but I for one would love to see more clinician educators involved. I would assume this is due to work and family responsibilities. Also January isn’t the best time for some clinicians to travel depending on their patient care responsibilities. Not exactly sure but mainly Program Directors, Clinical Education Coordinators, and general faculty tend to be the primary presence at the AT educators conference but the preceptors are ½ if not more of the students’ experience. 

If anyone out there has any ideas as to how we can encourage more preceptors/clinician educators to attend please let me know.

Also this post is 100% on behalf of myself. I am not speaking for the NATA, nor the ATEC committee.


  1. I like the theme that is Model Practice and Future Directions..I agree that January isn’t the best time for some clinicians to travel depending on their patient care responsibilities..

  2. I wonder if the having "Educators" in the conference name makes it too exclusive for preceptors to consider it. Maybe "AT Conference on Academic and Clinical Preparation"


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